Adjustment of Status (Green Card)

Adjustment of Status (Green Card)

Adjustment of status allows US Citizens to apply for the Lawful Permanent Residence of their immediate family members who are currently in the United States.

This includes children under 21, parents, and spouses.

Who is eligible for adjustment of status?

Adjustment of status only applies to those who are currently in the United States, and extends to the spouse, parents and children of the US Citizen.

The citizen’s immediate family members must have entered the US under a valid visa or visa waiver program, and must not have a criminal history.

The US citizen’s parents must be older than 21, and the children of the citizen must be younger than 21.

If your family members don’t meet all of the requirements, don’t give up hope just yet. In some cases, they may still be eligible for a Green Card. Consult with an experienced immigration attorney to weigh all of your options!

How can Monument Immigration help with adjustment of status?

Our firm will tell you exactly what’s required for your application. We’ll help you put together your application information, and also prepare your submission to the federal government accurately and quickly.

After receiving your documentation and information, we can typically submit your application within just 48 business hours.

Besides the application process, we’ll also help prepare you for any interviews necessary to complete your application

How long does adjustment of status take?

Adjustment of status applications are usually processed within 6 months of submission to the government.

Why should I apply for adjustment of status?

Adjustment of status allows your children, parents or spouse to enjoy the full benefits of a US Green Card by switching over from their previous visa or visa waiver program.

That means being able to live and work in the US legally.

How much does an adjustment of status consultation cost?

For adjustment of status, we charge a no-hassle flat fee of just $2500. We believe in highly competitive rates for everyone trying to achieve the American Dream, and that also means providing fair, interest-free payment plans for our services.

And if you decide to pay in full instead of picking a payment plan, you’ll also receive a 10% discount.

Also bear in mind that the government fee for filing an adjustment of status is $1760.

Why Monument Immigration?

No One Handles Green Cards Cases Better than Monument Immigration


We ONLY do Immigration Law

When mistakes happen, you could see costly delays in your adjustment of status application. Because we do immigration law and nothing else, Monument is able to process your application quickly and accurately, using our deep knowledge of the system to ensure you and your loved ones have the highest chance of success and the shortest wait possible.

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Award Winning / Top Reviewed

With an Avvo Top Attorney rating of 9.3, more than a hundred 5-star reviews, and Avvo’s 2017 Client Choice Award, it’s easy to see how serious we are about getting results for our clients. But those reviews and ratings aren’t just numbers—they represent the hundreds of people we’ve helped over the years on their quest to successfully navigate the complex immigration process.

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Personalized Attention

My team and I share a special bond with those chasing the American Dream, and we’ve all been personally enriched by hardworking immigrant communities across the country. Monument’s mission is to provide people like you with simple, fast, affordable counsel in your adjustment of status and beyond. We treat you like real people—not a case number.

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Judi and Elizabeth

Monument Client

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Mr. Mark Naugle handled all the details from beginning to end and won our immigration case. When Mark said he would get something done he did! All the paperwork were filed promptly and accurately. I highly recommend Mark Naugle as an immigration attorney.

Ryan G.

Monument Client

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Mark is professional, kind, patient, knows the immigration laws very well and gave us a good strategy as to how we should proceed with our case. He helped my wife through the adjustment to permanent resident status process giving us peace of mind and confidence.

Leo M.

Monument Client

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Mark was extremely efficient processing my Deferred Action application. His client portal was simple and easy to use. My application was ready to submit within 2 days of my completing the questionnaire. I would highly recommend Mark and Monument Immigration.

9.3Mark A Naugle
Mark A NaugleReviewsout of 162 reviews

We offer standardized pricing for all of our services! You'll never over-pay with us.

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Adjustment of Status (Green Card) is Our Focus

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Questions & Answers

How can I send you my documents? Do you need originals?

Most of the documents you must submit to the government can be copies, which makes it easy to send them by email and fax. You can also mail them to us, drop them off at our office, or submit them online through your client portal.

Still, most interviews for immigration services require original documents—so always keep the originals.

Is there anything I can do to make my application move faster?

After submitting the application, there’s no way to speed up the process. In order to make your application go as smoothly as possible, be sure to accurately complete your online application right away. Also, be sure to send us your passport photos, supporting documents and filing fee check! That allows us to begin preparing your forms immediately.

What forms of payment do you accept?

We currently accept debit cards, credit cards, cash, and checks.

Can I switch attorneys?

Of course! You’re able to change lawyers whenever you want, and you also have a right to your file from your previous immigration lawyer.

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