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Looking to become a US citizen or Lawful Permanent Resident? We are the award-winning immigration law firm. We'll help you get your Green Card or U.S. Citizenship fast.

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Mark Naugle

Monument Founder

For almost a decade, our team at Monument has been on a mission to provide quick, easy, affordable legal help to families like yours as you navigate the complicated ordeal that is the US immigration system.

For so many families, dealing with an immigration application means costly attorneys, endless waits, and constant worrying about whether you’ve been approved or not. But there’s a better way.

Our firm deals with immigration cases and immigration cases only, meaning we’re able to give you and your case the attention you really deserve. For almost ten years, we’ve helped process countless applications like yours, and we’re true experts at reducing your headache and hassle.

Monument has received hundreds of glowing reviews and accolades from review sites like Google and Avvo, and we’ve been recognized as one of the top law firms in terms of client satisfaction. But what we’re really proud of are the faces behind those reviews—the real families we’ve helped unite and chase the American Dream.

Monument is 100% focused on providing elite customer service without the sky-high price tag you’re used to. Part of that promise means getting your application processed as fast as possible—meaning we submit your application within just 48 business hours of receiving your necessary documents.

Immigration services don’t need to be more complicated than they already are. Give us a call right away, and we’ll show you how with Monument.

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Award-Winning, Immigration Law ONLY

No One Handles Phonix Nebraska Area Immigration Cases Better than Monument Immigration

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We ONLY do Immigration Law

Choosing the wrong immigration attorney could mean setting your application back by months, costing you precious money, energy and time. Because we’re totally focused on immigration law, you’re going to get results far faster and easier than you ever thought possible. Monument’s system just works, and it’s going to work for you.

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Award Winning / Top Reviewed

Uniting families, helping people become citizens, gaining coveted visas—just a few of the common themes you’ll see in our testimonials and reviews online. Clients love Monument because we take this stressful, tough application process and make it as simple as humanly possible. Making your life easy is just what we do.

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Personalized Attention

We never forget that there’s a name and face behind your immigration application, and we’re here to help you feel confident and relaxed while we wait for your application to be accepted. With Monument, you get around-the-clock access to your application status, and we also promise to submit your application within 48 business hours of receiving your documents.

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Judi and Elizabeth

Monument Client

Puppies For Sale

Mr. Mark Naugle handled all the details from beginning to end and won our immigration case. When Mark said he would get something done he did! All the paperwork were filed promptly and accurately. I highly recommend Mark Naugle as an immigration attorney.

Ryan G.

Monument Client

Puppy Breeder

Mark is professional, kind, patient, knows the immigration laws very well and gave us a good strategy as to how we should proceed with our case. He helped my wife through the adjustment to permanent resident status process giving us peace of mind and confidence.

Leo M.

Monument Client

Best Puppy Breeder

Mark was extremely efficient processing my Deferred Action application. His client portal was simple and easy to use. My application was ready to submit within 2 days of my completing the questionnaire. I would highly recommend Mark and Monument Immigration.

We offer standardized pricing for all of our services! You'll never over-pay with us.

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Nebraska Immigration Law is Our Focus

Questions & Answers

What services do you provide?

Naturalizations, Green Cards, consular processing, same-sex immigration services and adjustment of status—we handle all types of immigration services at Monument.

How much do you charge?

We price our immigration services fairly and transparently. You’ll never be hit by hidden fees—check out our individual service pages for more detailed pricing information.

How can I send you my documents? Do you need originals?

While the government often accepts copies of your documents to begin your immigration application, you’ll usually need the originals to attend your interview. Feel free to send us your documents by mail, email, fax, upload through our client portal online, or drop them off at our office.

Is there anything I can do to make my application move faster?

The best and only way to get results ASAP is to submit your documents to us as fast as you can. The earlier, the better—once your application is submitted, there’s nothing you can do to speed up the process.

How did most clients find out about Monument?

We get many clients through word of mouth, and many more through online searches for phrases like:

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Will someone attend my interview with me?

While we do offer interview attendance for an additional fee, we prepare our clients thoroughly enough that most feel confident to attend their interview alone.

Can I switch attorneys?

You’re always able to switch attorneys if your old lawyer isn’t getting your application processed quickly enough, and you’re also entitled to a copy of your case file.

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